What Makes a Diamond Pretty – Part 2



Hi again,

Let’s continue our discussion about what makes a diamond pretty.

2. The diamond has to be brilliant.

Not only must the diamond look its weight (see Part 1), it must be brilliant and scintillating.  Just because the diamond has an “excellent,” “very good,” or “ideal” (or “Signature-Ideal”) cut label, does not mean that it was cut properly.  Many diamonds whose dimensions are too small have such labels.  Some diamonds which don’t “measure up” can be very brilliant.  But these diamonds are very thick in the girdle, thereby allowing the angles of the diamond to still reflect light pretty well.  However, the diamond still looks too small and is not something which you should consider.

Coming soon, Part 3 of What Makes a Diamond Pretty.

Until then, Mind Your Diamonds!

Joshua Fishman




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