What Makes a Diamond Pretty – Part 4



Hi again,

Let’s continue our discussion about what makes a diamond pretty.  Again, a Pretty Diamond is not a scientific definition, it is a collection of factors which make a diamond worth owning. 

4. There are other characteristics which cause a diamond to appear to be priced as a “bargain” but which are undesirable.  For example, some diamonds which  have great “labels” are also undesirable because of their medium, strong or very strong fluorescence.  Stay away from these diamonds.  They will be undesirable in the future if you ever want to trade in the diamond.  Other diamonds are undesirable because of significant extra facets or naturals.  The polish and symmetry and cut grades of such diamonds can be “labeled” very good or even excellent and still have these characteristics.  You can’t tell from the certificate.  You have to speak to someone who can look at the diamond for you and tell you about it. 

So, let’s recap the four major factors that contribute to making a diamond “pretty;” that is, a diamond worth owning and putting your money into.

1. The diamond has to have a dimension that is appropriate for its weight;

2. The diamond has to have full brilliance;

3. The nature of the inculsions in the diamond has to be pleasing under magnification; and

4. There are other characteristics, such as strong fluorescence, which cause a diamond to appear to be priced as a “bargain” but which are undesirable. 

There are also some diamonds which have been “enhanced” to make them appear to the eye as better than they really are. In my next post, I will discuss the two primarily forms of “enhancements” which make a diamond very undesirable but which may make them appear to be very inexpensive for their grades.  These enhancements are very different from each other and shouldn’t be confused:  (1) laser drilling of certain types of inclusions, and (2) fracture filling open fissures in a diamond.  More on this important issue to come.

In the meantime, until next time, Mind Your Diamonds!

Josh Fishman




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