Two Identical Diamonds are not always Identical – Part 1

Over the course of my thirty years in the diamond business I’ve been asked countless times, “Aren’t diamonds just a commodity? How could two diamonds with the same shape, size, cut, color, and clarity not cost the same? Shouldn’t I just buy the less expensive diamond, since it’s a better deal?”

These are fair questions, and the less expensive diamond could be a great decision, but it could also be a very big mistake. It could be that both diamonds are truly identical, on paper and in reality. In this case, of course, the less expensive diamond is the better choice. But keep in mind that two diamonds may be identical on paper but still have very different characteristics and desirability. Unless you and your jeweler know how to spot the differences between two diamonds that appear to be the same on paper, you could be led into a costly mistake. That is where the expertise and honesty of your jeweler come into play.

In tomorrow’s post, I will explain how what’s on paper isn’t always the same as what you see in reality.

In the meantime, until next time, don’t forget to Mind Your Diamonds!

Josh Fishman


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